All Catalina Fleet 69 

Austin, Texas 

Membership Form

For more information about All Catalina Fleet 69, or to join, write to  c a t f l e e t 6 9 @ g m a i l.c o m (remove the blanks and change the "at sign" to the real symbol.) (Subject = Join Catalina Fleet) or to
All Catalina Fleet 69 c/o R. Anderson
5609 Fort Benton Drive
Austin, TX 78735

Annual Dues are only $25. (Join in September or later, the next year is included.)
Make your check payable to: All Catalina Fleet 69.
Include it with the form if you are using US Mail, or bring it to a meeting. You'll be glad you did!

Our website is


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Many of our members belong to the Austin Yacht Club, where are there are Catalina 22 and PHRF Fleets.
Are you a member of Austin Yacht Club?_______
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