All Catalina Fleet 69 Officers

"You just knew they were always going to be there welcoming you
to their home or guiding your boat into shore and catching your bow line."

Some of the past officers of the Catalina Fleet are as follows:
Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer:
2017: Joe & James, John G, Cindy, Robert
2016: Gary P & John G, James D, Cheryl and crew, Robert A
2015: Steve L & Gary P, John O, Paulette P, Robert A
2014: Diane C, Salvador A, Cheryl P, Robert A
2013: John G, Diane C, Cheryl P, Robert A
2012: Todd C, Steve P, Sheila A, Robert A
2011: Dave Z, Todd C, Sheila A, Robert A
2010: Joe L, Salvador A, Sheila A, Robert A
2009: Clay L, Joe L, Sheila A, Robert A
2008: John O, Clay L, Phyllis C/Lane Thomas, Robert A
2007: Sheila A, John O, Clay L/Gary P, Shirley W
2006: Dave Z, Sheila A, Marty Clarke, Shirley W
2005: Mark B, Dave Z, Gary P, Shirley W
2004: Marty C, Robert A, Gary P, Shirley W
2003: Vince B/Bob J, Bob J/Marty Clarke, Robert A, Shirley W
2002: Sue F, Vince B, Jeannine M, Gary P
Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer:
2001: Steve S, Gary P and Jeannine M, Charles J
2000: Keith and Sue R, Mark Mr, Hal W
1999: Steve and Cheryl P, Mike & Annette B, Bob & Karen J
Before 1999, Commodore, Captain, Measurer, Secretary, Treasurer:
1998: Charles J, Steve S, Ted O, Mike & Annette B, Bob & Karen J
1997: Gary P, Jim D, Pete H, Clay L, Dick F
1996: Fred S, Jim D, Pete H, Dick F/Clay Clay L, Keith R
1995: Clay L, Jim D, Steve S, Dick F, Keith R
1994: Phyllis C, Rick A, Steve S, Clay L, Keith R
1993: Bill R, Pete H, Steve S, Clay L, Keith R
1992: Charles J, Dick F, Howard S, Clay L, Shirley F
1991: Tony & Tina B, Bill W, Bill M, Lynn N, Shirley F
1990: Cheryl P, Joe R, David M, Pat J, Martie S
1989: Bill L, N M, Steve Frederick, Elizabeth M, Martie S
1988: Hal W, Howard S, Joe R, Heather M, Bill M
Before 1988, we had Captain, Measurer, Secretary, Treasurer:
1987: Howard S, measurer, N M, treasurer
1986: Eric N, Phil S, Jane F, Bill W
1985: Steve P, Wes V, Eric N,
1984: Ron T, Eric N, Cathy R, Debbie V
1983: Tom L, Steve P, Bonnie T, Ron T
1982: Jack S, Gary P, Steve P, Steve P
1981: Gordon H, measurer, secretary, Gary P
1980: Boris J
1979: Boris J
1977: John C

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