Ideas and Procedures for All Catalina Fleet 69

Updated 1/18/17

This file lists ideas for meeting program topics, ideas for cruises, and information on how to run a cruise. If you would like to present a specific program or would like to hear a particular topic, please tell an officer. If you would like to host a cruise, choose an idea (or make up a new one) and read the procedures for additional information.

Meeting Ideas
  1. Adventure Stories
  2. Anchoring & Raising Anchor Procedures
  3. Astronomy (Star gazing and Celestial Topics)
  4. Austin Yacht Club Visit
  5. Boat handling tips (heave to, docking)
  6. Boat Restorations (Amazing Ones)
  7. Bottom maintenance
  8. Celestial Navigation (fleet member speakers)
  9. Consumer's Reports on nautical equipment
  10. Climb your mast (how to)
  11. Coast Guard - Inspections and Safety
  12. Coastal Navigation
  13. Cold weather sailing (keeping warm, dry, and safe)
  14. Collegiate Sailing
  15. Cooking on the Boat, One pot gourmet meals
  16. Chartering: How, techniques, safety, and tips
  17. Chartering: Where to Go? (best locations)
  18. Cruising Trip Reports (by fleet members)
  19. Cruising the USA & Bahamas on a Trailerable Boat
  20. Educational Videos
  21. Electrical Systems
  22. Engine maintenance (Pat F) (add a new device)
  23. First Aide (sunburns, cuts, etc)
  24. Fishing from a Sailboat
  25. Heavy weather sailing
  26. History: LaSalle's La Belle shipwreck
  27. History: Polynesian Navigators
  28. History: Texas Navy
  29. History: Pirates, Patriots, Privateers, US Navy
  30. History: Claudius Ptolemy & relationship between time and place
  31. History/Current Events: Maritime Disputes
  32. How to buy or sell a sailboat
  33. Hull and teak maintenance
  34. Instructional sailing videos
  35. Knot Tying
  36. Lake Travis sailing tips (wind shifts, shallows, eddies, coves)
  37. Lake Travis cruising tips (cruising coves, restaurants)
  38. LCRA speakers (safety, regulations, lake status)
  39. Lighting and right of way rules (channel, at night)
  40. Marina Management
  41. Movies (Wind, Master & Commander, Capt Ron, The Dove)
  42. Navigation (from sextants to GPS)
  43. Nautical Adventure Stories
  44. Nautical Books, Magazines, and Videos Exchange
  45. Olympic Sailing
  46. Panel Discussion (Stump the Fleet Experts)
  47. Person overboard recovery (video, talk, practice)
  48. Photography of Sailboats (and Photo Contest)
  49. Psychology of Sailing: Maintaining good skipper-crew relationships
  50. Racing in the Oceans (ex. Around the World, Hawaii, Azores)
  51. Racing rules
  52. Radio usage, etiquette, use for emergencies
  53. Radio Controlled Model Sailboats
  54. Rafting and Anchoring with the Fleet
  55. Roundtable Discussions - we're all experts in something!
  56. Safety (Coast Guard Auxiliary, AYC members)
  57. Sailboat Shop speaker
  58. Sail trim according to wind conditions
  59. Sailing on the Internet
  60. Sailing Blooper videos
  61. Sailing Certification (ASA, US Sailing, Coast Guard)
  62. Scuba Diving from a Sailboat
  63. Sail Making
  64. Sailboat and boat accessories dealers (local vendors)
  65. Sea Shanties (and history thereof) (Joy)
  66. Sea Scouts
  67. Star gazing and constellations
  68. Swap Meet of Sailboat Equipment
  69. Tall Ships Challenges and Festivals
  70. Trailer Towing, Safety, and Maintenance
  71. Tuning the Catalina rigging
  72. Texas Nautical Archeology
  73. Using GPS for sailing
  74. Veteran Sailors (club members who served our country)
  75. Wind and Weather Web sites
  76. Weather for Sailors (perhaps by a local TV weatherperson)
  77. What to do (or not): Running Aground, Stuck Anchors
  78. West Marine speakers (ex. use of flares, life sling, GPS, electronics)

Cruise Ideas we have used in the past:

  1. April Fool's,
  2. America's Cup (race model boats)
  3. Baked potatoes
  4. Bastille Day
  5. Beach Party
  6. Beef stew
  7. Birthday Cruise - fleet members
  8. Birthday Cruise - Fleet 69
  9. Boat Show Outing
  10. Breakfast
  11. Brunch (at a restaurant)
  12. Buddy-up
  13. Camp out Cruise
  14. Caribbean theme (limbo contest)
  15. Cheeseburgers in Paradise (with Jimmy Buffet music)
  16. Chili Cook-off
  17. Chinese Cruise
  18. Chocolate and Cherries (Valentine's and Presidents' Day)
  19. Cinco de Mayo
  20. Clam chowder
  21. Corpus Christi & Port Aransas Charter or Take Your Boat
    1. Dragon Boat (Chinese theme)
    2. Kemah & Galveston
    3. Easter Egg hunt
    4. Educational, such as How to go thru Customs
    5. Fourth of July Cruise
    6. Flor de Caņa Cruise (rum)
    7. Fly a Kite (combine with cruise to a destination)
    8. Full moon sail
    9. Game night
    10. Galveston Charter or take your boat
    11. Halloween
    12. Holiday Party
    13. Hot Air Balloons over Lake Travis
    14. Hot Dogs and Apple Pie
    15. Hot Chocolate
    16. Hot Rum
    17. Ice cream Social
    18. Jane Bond Cruise
    19. Jimmy Buffet (cheeseburgers)
    20. Ladies Only Cruise
    21. Land Cruise at member's home
    22. Long Distance Cruise
    23. Luau
    24. Kemah Charter or take your boat
    25. Kiddie's cruise
    26. Mardi Gras (decorated boats)
    27. Marina Happy Hour
    28. Mediterranean Cruise on Travis (represent a country)
    29. Monte Carlo
    30. Model Sailboat Cruise
    31. Novice Cruise (bring a novice)
    32. Oktoberfest
    33. Olympics Cruise (aka Sailing Scramble)
    34. Photo Op Cruise
    35. Picnic Cruise
    36. Pirates chase, treasure hunt, invasion
    37. Po-Boy Cruise
    38. President's Day
    39. Puzzle Jumble Cruise
    40. Raft-up
    41. Restaurant Drive: Oasis, Lucy's on the Lake, Boat House Grill, Los Pinos
    42. Restaurant Sail or Drive. Rusty Rudder, Oasis, Volente Beach Club, Cafe Blue, Sundancer, Gnarly Gar
    43. Retirement Cruise (wear PJs and robes)
    44. Road rally
    45. Rum Cruise (Flor de Caņa)
    46. Sandwich Cruise (as in BYO potluck)
    47. Safety Drills (person or thing overboard)
    48. Sail, Swim, or Draw (sailing terminology version of Pictionary)
    49. Small Boat Cruise (bring your sunfish, laser, kids)
    50. Sometimes Islands Cruise
    51. Shish-kabobs
    52. Shrimp boil feast (maybe at a Marina)
    53. Summer Solstice
    54. Star Gazing (ex. August Meteor Shower)
    55. St. Patrick's Day
    56. Steak and Ale
    57. Special Events: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations
    58. Stone Soup (google the story)
    59. Super Bowl (or Football in the Fall)
    60. Swap Meet at a Lake Travis Marina
    61. Tanabata Matsuri Festival
    62. Tax Free Cruise
    63. Trivial Pursuit
    64. Tropical Island (Pick your favorite, such as Tahiti) Cruise
    65. Treasure Hunt
    66. Turnback Canyon Regatta,
    67. TNT: Tacos, Nachos, and Tequila or Tortillas
    68. Up the Lake Long Distance Cruise (to the Narrows or Turkey Bend) (2 nights)
    69. Valentine's Day
    70. Wok 'n Roll
    Cruise Procedures
    While the cruise chairperson is responsible for the overall cruise schedule and themes and makes sure everything goes smoothly, we have cruise hosts for each individual cruise. Sometimes they select their own theme and sometimes the chairperson suggests the theme. It's nice to have 2 sets of people hosting a cruise: someone experienced at cruises and someone new to it. It helps to spread the workload and the knowledge. The usual budget for a cruise is $65, and if the hosts go over that, they absorb the cost. The budget for the holiday party, of course, is much higher. It also includes the cost of the awards. If the party expenses are extra-high, attendees pay a small amount such as $5 per person.

    In the past, we met at Starnes Island around 2:00, sailed around for a while, then went to a cove where we dropped an anchor off the stern and tied the bow to the shoreline (tree or rock.) The problem with this plan is that rarely do cruising sailboats meet at an appointed place and the same appointed time. Plus, most of the shoreline is now private. So, now we sail on our own, looking for each other, and meet in a cove at an appointed time. Popular locations in order of preference are Barry's Cove, Arkansas Bend, and Devil's Cove in the off-season. Long Canyon used to be the best but is now getting populated with private homes and lands. We have cruises every month except December, when we have the Holiday party. We used to have many evening cruises, but since the lake is very busy now, we have done this less. i.e. many people didn't want to spend the night on their boats and would sail back to their marinas in the dark. The breakfast cruise is the exception; usually most attendees spend the night. Campfires are nice if burning is permitted. We get wood from the woods or everyone brings some.
    The key to scheduling is to set the schedule early in the year, publicize it, and try to not change it. Full Moon weekends (or the weekend before the full moon) are the best. Consider Austin Yacht Club Regatta and Series race schedules, as many cruisers also race. The Holiday party is almost always the second Saturday in December. (The AYC Annual Banquet is usually the first Saturday night of the month.)

    In recent times we have liked to sail to restaurants on the lake and sail afterwards. Popular places are listed above.

    The fleet owns at least the following and the social chair has to track it all, after each cruise, which sometimes isn't easy:
    1 small and 2 large tables, large 3-burner stove, and grills to put over a campfire.

    Each cruise chairperson is responsible for making sure the campfire is out (sometimes they are prohibited by the county during dry spells) and that the shoreline is in equal or better condition than how we found it.

    Before each cruise notice goes out, make a quick check to make sure it includes who, what, when, where, why, how, etc. A map is nice for newer members (now on the web). Also, mention a phone number (which has a recorder) which people can call in case of inclement weather. If we know in advance that the weather will be bad, we will either reschedule, move to indoors, or cancel the cruise. The designated time for that is around 11 am, just after the NOAA weather update. When on the water, we turn our VHF radios to channel 69. It's also a good way to use and practice the use of your radio.