Clear Lake and Galveston Bay Sailing Page Links

Area Maps and Weather

WYC Location on Versatile Area Maps: Acme Mapper - With Radar!   Google Map - With Traffic  

NOAA Weather Pages: Weather near Watergate   Galveston Bay Marine Forecast  

Tides and Conditions

Tides and Water Levels at/near Clear Lake: Annual Tide Table, 2012   Tides Forecast + Observed, Etc.  

Current Conditions Graphs - near Hwy 146 Bridge: Wind Speed   Wind Direction   Water Level  

A Composite Sailing Weather Page: Lots of data on one page!  

Racing and Cruising

Wednesday Night Races: C L R A   A Course Sheet   Results (see boat types racing)  

Cruising Routes & Destinations: From "Remedy" and crew   From Clear Lake to Galveston  

Nautical Charts in Image Format

Galveston Bay Folio (11326)

      Clear Lake:     Side B: Clear Lake   Chart Notes  

      Galveston Bay:     Side A: North & Trinity Bay (1033K)   Side C: South Bay (1033K)  

Galveston Entrance and Nearby Folios:   Bolivar Roads   Notes   Galveston Island   Bolivar Peninsula  

Many More Charts! (Links)  

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